One beauty of paper systems is an fully owned inbuilt record of previous conversations. In a web platform data is considered throwaway and corrections and retries are cheap.

GPTypewriter both allows people to physically browse their AI chat conversations but also provides an element of physicality and finality not typically associated with chat conversations.

The act of using paper to type the responses can be connected to the large amounts of energy used to provide the compute and data storage needs not just for these next generation large language models but also for typical cloud computing activities.

GPTypewriter uses an 80s era line continous roll paper impact printer. It pauses on each line as the results from the server are calculated. The actual system is run off of a linux python script and the keyboard shown is a standard keyboard.

Now, as a general API is available with GPT4 and 3.5 the next step would be to embed this functionality on a embedded compute device and embed that device directly into the printer for a cleaner installation experience.